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Islip Peak, with Little Jimmy Spring water report

We did Islip Saddle-Little Jimmy CG-Little Jimmy Spring-Windy Gap-Islip Peak on Friday.  Lots of graffiti and shortcutting at the start where the PCT switchbacks up from the 2.  Someone stole the ammo box for the register.  The notebooks and pencils are now in a plastic bag held down by rocks.

Little Jimmy Spring going strong!

DSC00497 by moore91024, on Flickr

This sign has been added at the top of the 39 since I've last been by.  There had been one at the bottom but there was still plausible deniability at the top for some time  Evil or Very Mad

DSC00503 by moore91024, on Flickr

Also, does anyone know what these 35mph signs on the 2 are about?   They look like they're temporary for road work, but there's nothing visible going on in the area.  We saw them last weekend and thought maybe a surfacing or painting crew had left them behind, but they're still there a week later.  They go from at least around the Mt Waterman area to Islip Saddle.

DSC00504 by moore91024, on Flickr

The 35mph signs were mounted/displayed earlier for road work. I think they were replacing road signage if I remember right.

Was it busy with hunters?

No, I saw 2 hunters around their truck at that turnout roughly across from the road to Glenwood Dad's Camp, but that's all I noticed.  Of course it was Friday, so overall the population was not high.  Saw 4 apparent overnighters at or near Little Jimmy, but they didn't look like they had hunting clothing or gear.

stolen register

Damn! why cant people just leave registers alone! obviously these people have no respect for anything!
lots of people, including myself look forward to finding a register after climbing an awesome peak! Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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