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Is Water Turned On or Off at Mt. Wilson Summit?


Does anyone know if the water fill spigots are turned "on" at the summit of Mt. Wilson?  Last time I was up they were turned off for the drought.

The last time I was up there on 11 March they were on.

No more FS water at MtWilson till further notice

Via Cosmic Cafe:facebook

"ATTENTION ALL: Mount Wilson is experiencing water shortages in their tanks at this time. That affects the restrooms as well as how much we are able to sell at the cafe. We will have portable bathrooms and a hand washing station delivered tomorrow, and the cafe will be opened on a limited basis for drinks and bagged goodies this weekend and until our water situation changes. There will still be 1pm tours Saturday and Sunday so you can still enjoy the observatory! Thank you everyone!"

"The Cosmic Cafe at Mt. Wilson Observatory:On the weekend I will have bottled drinks and water jugs to pour from as well as some bagged food so anyone who isn't aware will still have a little something to eat/drink.
I know! It's a bummer but hopefully we will get some support surrounding the issue. Thank you "

Via Adams Pack Station:facebook
"Maggie Moran : A Forest Service tank that is fed by a well, that is almost dry, is what feeds the parking lot water fill stations, restrooms and café. It's required that the FS tank be kept 10% full to provide water in the event of a fire. It is at that level now. If we didn't turn off water now, it would only be a couple of months before the tank would be empty and we would end up turning off water anyway and have an empty tank for fires. This is why it is extremely important to get the word out so that our visitors are prepared and do not end up without water at the top. Thank you Deb for spreading the word."

Yeah, I saw that on FB.  Bummer.


Is there still water at Redbox?

Sean wrote:
Is there still water at Redbox?

I filled up on water at Red Box on the 14th.

Posted on Cosmic Cafe's facebook 21 Oct:
FANTASTIC NEWS! The Cosmic will be opening full menu this weekend and with luck until the end of the season! Round of applause for those who helped fix the leaks and made this possible 😄
Come hiking! The food and weather will be wonderful 😊

Trying to confirm this means water is available (water isn't mentioned, but fixing leaks implies?) since I plan to be depending on it for a long outing this Friday.

It does appear that this announcement meant water was back on as well.  I filled up there Friday.

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