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Injured my knee....anyone else?

So I'm riding my motorcycle, waaaay up on Angeles Crest...heading back down..... just a below Dawson Saddle. I was coming around a corner, when I tapped the front brake just a little.....and hit a patch of sand. The front-end washes out; and during this, I end up stabbing my foot down to try to regain control. BUT (and this is a lesson learned), I put the foot down in FRONT of my body. Thus, the foot planted firmly and the knee ended up taking the shock by straightening out then hyperextending. It all took 1/10th of a second at most, but I instantly knew I did damage to my knee. However, I do not think I tore any ligaments...just stretched/sprain (due to the fact that it never swelled up, and also the knee is totally stable in all directions).

Long story short, it's now been 1 week. The first morning after this happened, I thought I was screwed, as the pain was intense, and I couldn't walk at all. But now, I'm doing a lot better. The range of motion is reduced....but getting better. I can straighten it almost all the way, and bend it more than 90 degrees. It's stable in all directions. I even did a 4 mile hike yesterday, with 900' elevation gain. I've decided that I'm going to give it 2 weeks exactly before deciding whether or not to get an MRI, etc. So far, I can walk just fine (with a weird gate and slight limp though).

I'm just wondering who else has injured their knee, and how long it took to be "normal" again, where you don't think about it? I used to feel so at home bombing down technical trails, where I'd be picking rocks for each foot without a care, from side to side.    Right now, I feel like I'll never get past over-thinking it and favoring that knee.   Maybe everyone goes through this and things slowly just get back to "normal" with time, where you simply don't think about it anymore???  I hope so.


It can take a very long time. I had a seemingly-light hyperextension injury 1.5 years ago that is still unresolved. I can now do big-ish hikes, but it then takes about a week for the resulting swelling and pain to go away. Go see a doctor if you can. I know a decent knee guy in Pasadena. PM me for the name if you want.

I stepped in a gopher hole on the PCT in Deep Creek doing a face plant. I thought I whacked my knee on a rock which I had 2 orthopedic drs treat and was never diagnosed with the real injury a torn meniscus (bursitis was the misdiagnosis). This took 6 months before the swelling was gone and it had to be drained several times. (They stick a needle in the joint and draw the excess fluid out)

The total recovery time was several years

The first meniscus tear was only discovered when an MRI was done after I tore the meniscus again recently

You need to be evaluated. 2 weeks is plenty to see if it is improving.

If it is swollen RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)

Hiking on it while it is injured will only at best result in a longer recovery and at worst further injure it.

I do not doubt this is a common injury for motorcyclists, It seems from the mechanism of injury as you described there was some sort of pinching injury to the meniscus of the joint.

You need to see if any real damage was done, torn meniscus, strange fracture, minor tear

You may need to immobilize it too. But you need advice from a professional

...'12... thought i was 25 again, instead of 55.

hiked up San Gorgonio... trail ran some of it down. Bad idea..

torn minicus

dicked around for7 or 8 months b4 i had it 'scoped.

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