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Information on Stoddard Canyon?


I've recently been hiking as deeply as possible into Stoddard Canyon (as per a map).

I can go just so far until a hill becomes too difficult to climb over to pass a 4th rappel that I came upon.

Here's a brief description with a map:

Has anyone spent time in this area? There are signs of human use there, but online there is almost nothing but the link I posted about it.

Has anyone else hiked through here? Is there a way to get to the other side without special equipment?  Razz

I don't know anything about the area, but at this point I think you're bringing a Ferrari offroading.

Learning some technical rope skills will open up so many opportunities that, personally, it was worth all the time and effort (AND CASH) I invested.

Local kids go in there to party. I think there was a swing on one of the trees. Not sure if it's there anymore.

I went up the canyon until poison oak stopped me. That was before the fire. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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