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Industrial Strength Cams

Looking for uber strong, ultra chic, nicely painted, affordable climbing cams?
Check out the latest in Ukranian climbing gear:

Notice the innovative two axle design, bright colors, and handy re-torqueable end nuts.  Manufactured to exacting Eastern Bloc industrial specifications, these cams are made from only the finest pure high carbon factory steel that will last a lifetime, if stored indoors.  Guaranteed to attempt to arrest at least one fall, complimentary replacement cams free to next of kin if unit fails.
Johnny Bronson

Is this an aprils fools joke? lol

Anyone looking to buy such cams,should think otherwise.

Protection for your life is well worth the few extra dollars and research.
I would recommend not cheaping out on something that your life depends on.

Here is a review of the "link" cams.

and here are some specific examples for PROPER trusted cams for at comparable/cheaper prices.

There are many more options that are reliable and more affordable.
When it comes to placing gear,really do not cheap out.

That light blue is probably the same paint they use on their aircraft interiors. Smile

Isn't that an old Jerry Reed song... "She got the cam, I got the shaft"? Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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