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I can't make the avatar selection from the gallery work. It won't append to my name. What's the secret?

You need to have the photo you want uploaded somewhere online, and enter the address in the space that you see when you click profile.

However, the image needs to be 120 x 120 pixel in size and 8 kb large. If you want me to edit your image and put it online for you I can, just e-mail me the photo you want.


I added your picture to your profile, it should be there. I was wrong when I said you need to upload the image to an online address, this board allows you to upload the image directly. Hope you like it,


It's great Travis. Thanks.
Chicken Legs

Posting Avatar

Hi Guys
I have been working for a while trying to get the Avatar posted but no luck.
What is the secret?

Do you have a photobucket account or any other album of your own pics online?

If so, you can link to an image, generally 150x100 pixels though it's flexible (so long as it ain't huge), and put it in the section that says "Link to off-site Avatar:
Enter the URL of the location containing the Avatar image you wish to link to."
Mike P

Yo! Chicken Legs!

Albums are one way to get your picture on board. I think it is easier to get it off your own computer.

It is critical to resize your picture, however. If you use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, you can resize it easily. I think most photo editors will resize. (I wasn't successful with Picasa.)

Once you have resized your picture. Go to the Avatar control panel in your Profile section. Choose "Upload Avatar from your machine" Click Browse. Find your picture. Voilą!

Let me know if you have any problems.
Mike P

Yeah, I thought you needed to have your pic online, but you don't. Just upload it from your computer but make sure it meets the size requirements.
Chicken Legs

I guess size does really matter, I was able to post one put the quality and size are not right. I think it is just a matter of playing around with it to get it right. Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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