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Iditarod Trail

Iditarod Trail month.   The Irondog, ITI and slednecks are hammering their way to Nome.  Weather has been unseasonably warm turning the trail into slushy going.  

Jill Homer's take on a bivy in way-sub zero and a few hundred miles into the 350 mile bike event.

"All the while, Nick massaged the bloody skin of a beaver before stretching it out to dry on a rack in his living room." Shocked

Mike Curiak is out there doing the full (1100 mile) snowbike ride to Nome - solo, unsupported with an all-up weight of 145 pds. on his rig (24 days food).

Mike is the record holder for the 1100 mile event:  15 days, 1h, 15 min.

Iditarod Invitational info:

Pics of some of Mackey's dogs:

Sebastian Schnuelle.  Current leader on the trail.

Wiki bio:

Lance Mackey:  Fourpeat?

Nice pics from Tuesday in Nikolai:

The race vets saying that the real race is starting to take shape.  Big moves, long steady runs are expected from the top teams coming out of Nikolai.  Mackey gets in people's heads right about now it seems.


Lance Mackey and Jeff King putting the hammer down.


The final push.

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