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Identifying software application for I-phones

OK Techies, three years ago a friend showed me an app on his new I-phone that when the camera was on or the mapping software, cannot remember which, he could point his phone at the surrounding hills and it will name the peaks - had to be a known peak but it was fun to play with. I'm out of touch with that person (not responding to their phone  Embarassed ) so I'm asking if anyone knows the name of that application, I got a new I-phone for Christmas and turned it on this past week, now it's time to add some cool app's.
I looked all over the I-phone app page online but could not find it.
Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance  Very Happy


this isn't an app but...

Lemme know

Thanks guys, downloaded both will play with them and let you know  Very Happy
666-The Beast

lilbitmo wrote:
Thanks guys, downloaded both will play with them and let you know  Very Happy

Libitmo, have fun with the new peaks finder app and when you are ready to test it, it will be time to go at the top of Iron mt and see how well it does naming all these peaks!...........666

I have "Peaks" and "Peak finder"...

Peaks is superior. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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