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I Hate Spider Webs

man this past week i did some camping. and we've been having some hot weather...a heat wave. and its seems like when we get a heat wave spiders make there webs in the easiest of locations and wait right in the middle waiting for insects and people to go right through. just in the past week i walked into like 4 or 5 spider webs. it was night time dark so i really couldn't see them. 2 of them i went head first with the spider going right in my face and in my hair. i quickly swatted them off. i hate spiders. luckly i didn't get bit.

When I'm hiking at night I wave my pole in front of me wildly to get get the invisible ones.

If they big enough to see (daaaamn), I try to duck around them.

You don't have to worry about any Orb Weaver's bites. They're harmless. Forum Index -> The Pub
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