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Human Remains Keep Turning Up In The ANF

supposedly El Niņo will be bringing more as well

Thanks for the "heads" up...

I appreciate your sharing that information.  As morbid as the news is.  When most of us think of heading to the hills because its the most life giving:  green vegetation, flowing water, natural setting w/out human interference, its a sad reminder that not everyone uses an "escape" the same way.  Its a bummer for both those who happen to discover "death" when they came to the forest looking for beauty and for those who have to follow up to investigate it.  

I can only hope that some good can come out of this unearthing.  Perhaps some unsolved crimes may get solved.  Perhaps some "missing persons" will be found.  Perhaps some justice can be found in time for the victims if the perp is still at large.  Its disturbing to think how dark some minds are that could even do such a thing to another human being.  Yet, it still goes to say that some people may have merely succumbed to the elements and thru a sad accident have died in the forest and been found by wild animals at some point.  But its obvious when bones appear somewhat "hidden" that there is a crime more likely involved.  May heaven protect us from the forces of evil that work thru people like that.

The information is appreciated and timely.  Take care everyone!

These findings don't really surprise me.  With the San Gabriel Mountains being so close to the urban centers of greater Los Angeles, including some with high volumes of criminal activities, its a wonder more bodies aren't found in the local hills.  It'd be pretty easy to do a body dump over the side of a guardrail into a deep canyon (just takes seconds to do it), and the possibility of it being found before decay processes take care of it (or at least any evidence of 'foul play') would be pretty low.

It also reminds me of the plan a few years ago to drain the Hetch-Hetchy reservoir.  It that would have gone ahead I betcha every law enforcement agency for 100s of miles around would have shown up to see what was at the bottom! and if it could be connected to their missing persons files. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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