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I have always wanted to hike all the way across the mountains. I am looking for suggestion of a route. Although I live in Altadena and would prefer to start here, it is not necessary. My knees and age tell me just do the quickest, easiest route.  The goal is "The other side". as in Pear blossom, Acton, or any one of those cities on the north side. I tried Google Maps route but the walking route kept putting me on Highway 2. I don't want to walk alongside cars speeding around turns forever. What ever the route, weather it is straightforward, or some little know shortcuts that skip excessive elevation changes works. I just want to make it. Any camping would have to be where the greatest odds of other people is a must. I think I will either have to go crazy and do 40 miles all at once, or do it in three days with camping gear. I prefer very lightweight all at once. This hike is my way of marking the next stage of my life, and a reset of some goals. So I just have to do this. Any suggestions. And as for my ability. I have been trail running/walking almost everyday forever. Thanks

Altadena - Echo Mt - Mt Lowe fire rode - valley forge trail - gabrielino trail - silver moccasin trail - PCT - little rock truck trail?

Altadena - Echo Mt - Mt Lowe fire rode - valley forge trail - gabrielino trail - silver moccasin trail - PCT - little rock truck trail?

Chantry Flat > Silver Moccasin Trail to Burkhart Trail (High Desert National Recreation Trail) to Devils Punchbowl Park

Hmmm...start at Angeles Crest Station (source of the Station fire - lol), go up and over ridge to Grizzly/Vogel Flats. Take trail to Fox and Condor and continue on to Gleason then take fire roads (Moody 4wd truck road?) to Acton.

Not your average dayhike.

Seriously, don't considered this as a viable route without doing your own real research.

Thanks for the replies already. I will look into each one. And just for the record.......I am personally responsible for myself. No one will be held liable for my own idea. I have trail ran/walked over 15,000 miles and know the risks. Driver is on a open course. Do not try this at home. Results may vary, and not typical. All crazy marathon type ideas are inherently risky. Symptoms may include headache, fever, or clawing death if you leave a steak in your tent.

5 out of 2 doctors approve of this nonsense. Very Happy

just no pre-hike ephedrine use please  Very Happy

Eastern San Gabes: Sunset Ridge Truck Trail or whatever near San Dimas - Colver Peak - Sunset Peak - Cow Canyon Saddle - Lookout Mtn - Baldy - Dawson - Pine - Wright - Wrightwood - Phelan.

Was thinking of doing the same awhile ago. Was trying to find a way to go from R39/Azusa up. Woulda had too much road. North-south would be from Devils Punchbowl - Mt Islip - Peak 5495 - Smith Mtn - South Ridge - West Fork - ????

just no pre-hike ephedrine use please  Very Happy


Zé wrote
"just no pre-hike ephedrine use please"  Very Happy
Darn......OK, how about sleeping pills....
Ze, Only coffee for me, and it is very watered down

I make Chantry Flat to Devils Punchbowl about 44 miles

This isn't impossible to do in one day

There are 2 PCT hikers who completed the trail in 60 days and 59 days this year. In addition to Scott Williamsons incomprehensible 3 consecutive YoYo hikes of the PCT with the previous NOBO  "record" of 64 days

2653 / 59 = 45 MPD average

Not sure why you'd want to do this for a day let alone for 2 solid months but HEY! HYOH! Forum Index -> General Discussion
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