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Mike P

How To Include Photos In A Post

How does one go about putting photos in a post? I am obviously not using the Image button correctly?

You use the image button only if you have the web address of a downloaded pic.



if the photo is not already online somewhere, you need to the "Attach File" link below and upload the image.

Hope this helps,
Mike P

Thanks, Travis!

Mike P, as you're troubleshooting, a few other possibilities:

-- remove spaces from image link
-- avoid special characters in image link
-- shorten length of image link
-- verify image source allows linked viewing (I've had trouble with Google Picasa, so I move target to different host)
-- check syntax, for example: "<>" or "[]"; "url" or "img" or "link";

posting pictures

How do I post pictures onto this site...?

thanks...   mark

Sign up for Photobucket, or one of the other photo hosting sites. Then, when you have the URL/Link of a photo you want to post, put [img] brackets around it.

Example: [img] picture slash photo dot jpg [/imh]

posting pictures

Can someone explain to me like I was an 8th grader how to post pictures and how to post multiple pictures?

Wait.  didn't you just post some?


got it

Yes, I finally figured it out, I guess I'm not too much of a dumby.

Only the best smart peeple can be on this webstie.

I hate to admit it but I need help posting pics. I'm always on my iPhone and the attach file never works.

scv87 wrote:
I hate to admit it but I need help posting pics. I'm always on my iPhone and the attach file never works.

To save space, the Forum's gallery won't accept pictures that are much over 1MB in size. You need to reduce the size of your photos before trying to upload them via the "Attach File" link. I don't use an iPhone, but I found this blog that suggests using an app called "Shrink My Pictures." Using the high compression setting will probably get your files to under 1MB each and then you can upload those to your report here. Once you're done with the report, you can then delete the Shrink My Pictures copies so they don't take up space on your iPhone.

If that doesn't work, let us know. We can explore other options. Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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