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How many bears live in Monrovia canyon?

I rode my bike up the canyon to white saddle today. Saw some bear tracks on the road a little beyond the scout camp, then between the firing range and white saddle, there was a very robust pile of bear scat about every 100 yards like clockwork all the way to the saddle.

A few months ago I got a good look at an adolescent bear in that same area and I've seen a mama with cubs down near the picnic area a couple of times before. Every time I've seen bears in that area, they seem a lot healthier than some of the ones I've seen in other parts of the range.

Can anybody hazard a guess on how many live up in the canyon?

I've run into more bears hiking in Monrovia than I have in all the rest of the Angeles and Sequioa NF combined, if that helps quantify things a bit.

Fish & Game claims 0.25 bears per square mile of chaparral habitat in Southern Cal. My wild guess, partly from experience, is that Monrovia and Sawpit probably have a total of seven bears. Two of which live on Canyon Blvd. and eat nothing but apple pie and ice cream.

Don't forget about the lifetime's supply of hot dogs and 'smores at the scout camp in Monrovia Canyon. I almost want to join the scouts again just for a chance to jump in the swimming pool they have up there.

On Saturday, I saw a youngish, healthy-looking, 400-pound, cinnamon colored bear cross the path right in front of me as I rode near the Deer Park trail junction going down. The bicycle noise must have startled him and he ambled quickly down the creek. Amazing how quickly they move for how large and clumsy they seem to be when you get a good look at them. Great to see they're doing okay in spite of pretty rough conditions in the forest of late. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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