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H20 @ Hoegee's or Spruce Grove?

Is there water flowing at either stream?
Mike P

I believe that there is always water flow in both of those two creeks. I have never seen them dry, that is.

There is probably more water flowing through both than there's been in years. We did the Winter Creek loop a couple of weeks ago and the water was really flowing through there. Water running over the trail in a place or two. A couple members of our group found some of the crossings quite challenging, though nothing serious. It is really nice up there right now.

The water has been running through both campgrounds all last year and there is plenty up there now too.  

I think any mention to the creek's being seasonal is during some of the droughts and dry spells we had a few years back.

water at Hoegees or Spruce? or another overnight locale?

I want to do a short easy overnight BP trip where there is a water source - soon...  anybody know if there is water at Hoegees or Spruce Grove?  How about Little Jimmy?  Any other ideas?  I'm open to any other ideas in So Cal.

There is water at Spruce Grove, cannot speak for Hoagees. The water fountain at Sturtevant Camp has been shut down for the season. It is really pretty in Big Santa Anita Canyon right now with the remaining fall color.

Rob, thanks - enough to filter I presume?

tarol wrote:
Rob, thanks - enough to filter I presume?

I was up at both of those areas a couple weeks ago and the water was fine.

Thought I took a pic of the water at Spruce grove, but just checked my camera and I didnt. I think there was more at Spruce grove. Both had more than enough for filtering and cooking.

awesome, thank you!

There was plenty of water flowing just down the trail from Cedar Glen trail camp in icehouse canyon this past Saturday. And not a single person was camping. I think hiking Jim mentioned it once as a good place to camp, so I made a point of taking the Chapman trail back from the saddle. The trail camp is in a beautiful spot, and fairly secluded because most of the traffic in the canyon skips it.

Hoegees/Spruce Grove Water Report?

Thinking of taking an end of the year trip up Santa Anita canyon and was wondering what the water situation was at Hoegees and Spruce Grove.

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