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hiking recomendation for Sat

Looking for a "fun" hike this weekend-was planning on Ice house to Timber, but looks like snow-so I need something else-will be going with daughter-last weekend was 7 miles with 3,000 ft elevation gain-think this was her Max, so something similar-was thinking possibly Strawberry peak Or? Thanks everyone!

I just did Icehouse last night. There was a couple inches of snow at the saddle. It might not be completely gone by Saturday.

You should consider Eaton Saddle to Brown Mountain. One of my favorite front range hikes. It's about 8 miles RT, but some of that is easy, flat fire road.

Eaton Saddle to Brown is an inverted hike overall - which means you are generally losing elevation the first half and gaining elevation the second half. It also involves some cross-country/use trail travel instead of maintained trails.

Eaton Saddle to Mt. Lowe, then to San Gabriel and Mt. Disappointment makes a nice little peak bagging outing. Throw in Markham and Deception to make it a 5 peak affair.

5 peaks? do you know the miles & elevation? this sounds "intriguing!"

curt wrote:
5 peaks? do you know the miles & elevation? this sounds "intriguing!"

A good reference...

If you do just Lowe, Markham, and San Gabriel, it's about 1800' total gain. and about 6 to 7 miles I think. Disappointment would add maybe 200' gain and another 1/2 mile or so. Deception would add maybe 500' and a mile to that. Just rough guesses. Do your own math Smile

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