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Mike P

Hikin' Jim Brings Stoves to Scout Troop!

Our troop here in Glendora had the pleasure of a Hikin' Jim visit tonight. HJ brought examples of different types of stoves and fuels. Jim's presentation was entertaining, educational and exceptional! He covered solid fuel, gas canisters, white gas, and alcohol. It says something that HJ kept the attention of nearly thirty scouts. (It helps that there was fire involved  Very Happy )

Anyhow, I wanted to publicly thank Hikin' Jim for making the trip and spending an evening away from his family and sharing his expertise with us. Thanks HJ!

Hi, Mike,

Thanks for the opportunity to come to speak to the Scouts.  I hope that you all got a few tips and tricks that you can use for future trips.

My pleasure,


Jim is the stove guru!

Chad S.

It was much appreciated. Thanks Jim. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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