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Henninger Flats is out of water

So says the piece of paper tacked onto their welcome sign.  The fountain and pipes are capped.  Soda cans available for $0.75 in the visitor center.  The flush restrooms are closed but a sign at the visitor center has the locations of "alternate restrooms," which I presume would be of the non-water variety, but I didn't check them out.


That probably explains why the bathrooms were closed last time I was up there and there were alternates.

I always remember that soda machine being super cheap Smile

Still, yeah, water....
Uncle Rico



Henninger Flats water status?

Anyone know whether Henninger/Henniger Flats got enough water this year to turn on a drinking fountain?

If not, is the soda machine still $0.75?   Very Happy

Water is off, and soda is still $0.75.

Water is off?   Shocked   I know the flush toilets are closed, but no water in the faucets?

How about at the ranger station/visitor center?  Is any water available there?


Yes, the fountains and spigots are capped, except for the horse trough that's marked "non potable."   I suspect the ranger would likely help in an emergency, but I think the idea is to bring one's own water, as evidenced by the "No water at Henninger" sign at the Pinecrest gate.


I spoke with a Ranger at Henniger Flats on Feb 10th.  He told me the lack of water in the water tanks from the drought caused them to crack on the inside.  They are in need of repair.  They hope to have them repaired sometime this year.

I presume that even if it rains the water will remain turned off because the tanks are busted.
Uncle Rico

As of last night, there is water at Henninger, it's just not potable. The spigot behind the restroom at the lower campground is working. I talked to a guy this morning who used it to water his dogs. He also said his group boiled it and used it for their dinner. I passed on that option, but it was nice for cleaning off the day's grime.

Heading up this weekend for a quick one-nighter with the little one.  Has anyone been up recently that can confirm if the spigot by the restrooms is still working?


mangus7175 wrote:
Heading up this weekend for a quick one-nighter with the little one.  Has anyone been up recently that can confirm if the spigot by the restrooms is still working?


No clue as to if the water was running, but I was looking at something on my son's boy scout district calendar and Troop 342 from South Pasadena will be holding an event up there this weekend. Not sure of their expected turnout, but here's the flyer :

Long story short, there may be a bunch of boy scouts and cub scouts up there this weekend so if you are looking for solitude you might want to head elsewhere..

Thanks for the heads up.  I plan on staying at Upper Fuji...most of the time, the troops stay down below near the museum.

Water Status Henninger Flats

If you Google Henninger Flats you can get a phone number to the ranger station direct. I have called them a few times about water and they are always a pleasant talk. If you guys can't find the number, let me know as I have it somewhere, just would have to look for it.

Spigot was working as I suspected.  Just needed to be sure.  If you do call them though, they will deny that water is available.  The spigot is technically not public knowledge. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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