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Heading into Death Valley in the AM....Telescope Pk

Taking off at 5:00in the AM for Death Valley.  Four of us are planning on camping at Mahogany (8,100') and doing Telescope Pk (11,100').  The guys want to get to the campground and immediately leave to attempt Telescope the same day.  I VERY much doubt that's doable (for us anyway) and be able to get back before dark.  I have a hard and fast rule of never trying to set up camp after 2 hours before I'll likely not summit.  

That sucks....but for me,  hanging out at camp, getting a fire going, drinking some scotch and relaxing and taking in the scenery.....that's a slice of heaven.  The summit is secondary.

Pics (tr) to follow.  


Have fun and good luck! Love the DV.

Telescope has been in my telescope for a while now.  If I get lucky, I can make a trip up in December or January, if not, maybe this time next year. Looking forward to the pix. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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