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Happy New Year

Any resolutions?

Last year's resolution was to curse less often. Obviously that didn't work for shit.

I think this year, I will... I honestly don't know.

Anyway, happy new year/s, yo.

Happy New Year!!! Here's to another great year of hiking and climbing. I resolve to not be so slow and low this year! Laughing


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Happy New Year!

One day/step at a time.

Happy New Years

Happy New Years  Very Happy

Any of you "Addicts" going out tonight? Tomorrow?

I think it's time to feed the addiction.

I think I will go to a meeting in the next 24 hours, I cannot get the pack out of my room or off my pack Wink

Went out today.

Re: Happy New Year

TacoDelRio wrote:
I think this year, I will... I honestly don't know.

Take curves at 25mph or less  Razz  Razz  Razz

TacoDelRio wrote:
Went out today.

How was it?  Much snow?

Happy New Year!  

My resolution is to check Shasta and Rainier off my new list.

To a wonderfilled 2010 in the wildeness, comrads!
Twisted Evil
Sam Page

So far, 2010 sucks.  I just got diagnosed with bronchitis today and the antibiotics gave me diarrhea and sharp abdominal pain.  On the bright side, it is good training for the high peaks . . .

Sounds like good training to me! Laughing Forum Index -> The Pub
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"Their only motive was a great ideal; this was what linked together mountaineers so widely dissimilar in background and so diverse in character."
Maurice Herzog, Annapurna