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Half Dome

My wife and I drove up to Yosemite to climb Half Dome on 7/7/2016. We stopped at Glacier Point the day before to scope it out. She just started hiking with me this year and her reaction at seeing it the first time was "oh, god". It looks more imposing from Glacier Point than from the trail on the other side. We started up the Mist Trail at 4:15 AM to beat the crowds and there were only a few other people on the cables when we got there. The crowds got bad later in the day. The scenery is stunning pretty much the whole way. I've posted the highlights here and a link to a photosphere from the summit. The full report is here if you want the gritty details.

Half Dome with Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall visible lower right

Trail sign at the start

Vernal Fall, source of the mist on the Mist Trail (shot on the way back)

Liberty Cap just below Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall, 594' of gushing white water

South face of Half Dome, Sub Dome on the right

Approaching Sub Dome

Slabby section near the top of Sub Dome

Start of the cables, only a few people around this early

Looking down at Sub Dome, almost half way up

Leisa working her way up

Sideview looking east

Standing on the visor, a nice couple from Georgia took the pic

View down the north face

Starting back down, rubber coated gloves mandatory for the cables

Photosphere from the summit

Half Dome

Nice report! This is my second time reading it Smile
Still trying to get you know who to take me there soon!
Mike P


Great trip. I was there the same day but didn't go to the Valley.
Did you hike both Glacier Point and Half Dome?


We drove up to Glacier Point the day before, then hiked Half Dome from Happy Isles trailhead.

Wow, I've never seen the cables empty like that Smile Forum Index -> Sierra Nevadas
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