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Tom Kenney

Guffy To Wright Mtn - 04-JUL-2017

Well, my initial plan to do Pine Mtn was scuppered since the gate at Guffy is indeed closed.  My wife seemed to organically agree (without prodding!) that if we started earlier, we could have done it.  So...I don't have to do the hard sell to get her to do a more extended outing!

Anyway, it was a very nice day, if a bit warm, up on Blue Ridge.  Highs hovered just under 80F.  We started from Guffy at about 2:00, and had a leisurely stroll over to the west ridge of Wright Mtn, where we had a nice conversation with a couple that had come up to camp and watch fireworks.  They had a gourmet spaghetti dinner planned, had their 2 small dogs roving about camp, and nobody else 'round for miles (except us two party crashers).

The summit of Wright Mtn is as mellow and pretty as ever, except that the 'viewpoint' clearing has been overrun with buckthorn.  We skirted this by hanging at the edge of the forest until we were above the eastern half of the west slide.  A rescue was underway, with 3 helos floating about.  One of them looked to be doing an extraction at the edge of the slide, about 500 ft below the summit.  I can't recall for sure, but I think the Acorn Trail skirts the edge of the slide in a few places...hope it wasn't a cyclist that went over the side!

Anyway, here are a few pics:

View down to Wrightwood from Wright Mtn summit

Standing on the edge of the abyss!

Above the eastern slide

Descending the eastern 'ridge' of Wright Mtn

The less common view of Pine (right, near) and Dawson (left, far)

View across the Cajon Pass to Big Bear and San Gorgonio

And finally...Yes, the Guffy Gate is indeed closed!

TR extrordinaire!!! Nice pictures...I don't remeber having a view of anything when I "summited" Wright.


Nice pics.  Thanks for the info on the gate.  Sad  I was wondering.  

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