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Flume/Guffy Spring report 2014-08-09

Just back from a bike ride to Guffy.  There is a basin beneath the pipe and it was full today.  However, the pipe output is about 1 drop per 5 seconds.  2 gallon jugs of water marked "PCT" cached.

Guffy Spring, a.k.a. Flume Spring

FYI, Guffy Spring is totally dry as of 4 June 2016  Sad

DSC00331 by moore91024, on Flickr

I didn't need water, but was just hoping to see the cheery spring.  There is a PCT water cache up by the tank in the campground.

I hate seeing how dry things are.

Hey, was the road open to Guffy?  Do you know if the road is open to Lupine Campground (past Guffy).


I came in on the PCT, so I didn't see the gate.   But as you've seen, indications are that it's closed past the entrance to Guffy.  The sign at Inspiration Point was marked as such when I passed by on Sunday.  Cars parked at Guffy indicated it is indeed open that far and (more or less) suitable for passenger cars to that point.
Tom Kenney

Oddly enough, it seems for a while now (past several years?) that fork of the road has only been open during hunting season.

EDIT:  Originally I said 'past Guffy' but that's incorrect.  The Blue Ridge Road was open to it's end (Wright Mtn) this spring. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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