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Tom Kenney

Guffy Gate - Open or closed?

Anybody know if the gate is closed?  Considering doing Pine Mtn this weekend, but I suspect my wife would not consent to the extra road miles if the gate is closed.


I was there Saturday 6/24.  At that time, the gate immediately at the Guffy Campground sign was closed, so no access to either Lupine or the Wright Mtn direction.  This info is one week stale.
Mike P

I spoke with Big Pines Information Station two weeks ago and they said the gate was closed. The road down to Lupine was in bad condition. He wasn't sure when the gate was going to be open. The gate to the Pine Mountain trailhead was also closed further down Blue Ridge. The volunteer or ranger said that vandalism was the reason. We opted for the South Fork Trail to Islip instead. Like Slowest_Hiker noted, that was also 6/24.
Tom Kenney

Thanks much.  Sounds like I make alternate plans.  Cheers! Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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