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Grossout Injury/Illness thread (pics!)

Please use this space to describe and share what cruel pranks Ma Nature has done to you while hiking, climbing, or canyoneering the San Gabriel mountains.

Show us your ankle pins, your PO rashes, your blackened/missing toenails, and yes, your Poodle Dog.  If it bleeds, it leads.

I'll start.  Toxicodendron Diversilobum, encountered 6/25/11.  San Gabriel Wilderness.  Added bonus - the constellation Orion in bruises on my right leg.


Yay excellent thread idea!!! Smile

Some rockfall injuries!

That's from Lightning Couloir...

That one is on Baden Powell's Boulderdash route (NEF).

From Taco Sauce in Baldy Bowl.

From cutting 4" diameter poison oak with a chainsaw - the mark on my arm lines up with the bar...


Oh wow! Was that from a thick vine/branch/stem thing, or what?

Zach has some gnarly PO pics!

I dont have any cool pics, ive never been injured  Sad        Oh! i did trip the other day and ALMOST
fell hundereds of feet into the Canyon though,  
I got a lil bruise on my hand and really dirty   Very Happy

well here is my pic of the poodle dog bush, I dont have pics of my hands or legs, Ill try and take some later. but here is my head shot Ill be using on my profile for

SWM  I like cuddling and long walks through poodle bush, must like body rubs with hydrocortisone.

Here's a picture of my legs after thrashing through devil's gulch, it took a trip to the doctors for debridment and almost 2 months for all the splinters to work their way out:


Then of course, there's the Poison Oak. Just a tip, retrieving cougar cams is not as glamorous as it may seem Wink


And then there's this little diddy, my "scrape" with MRSA:


Also, try having a bone marrow biopsy, my record is 4 so far:


If you still can't find anything painful enough, go to Iraq and wait for stray incendiaries


Aw Zach!  This was (morbidly) fun right up until that last pic!     Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad Forum Index -> The Pub
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