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Got a job

 OK, so I got laid-off from the oil company I was working for way back in April 2009, along with 400+ other people due to the recession. Since then I've had to leave my home to come live here in Palm Springs at my parents "extra" condo. When I got here, I went back to school for training in the medical field thinking that would practically guarantee me a job. It didn't, I turned in resumes at every hospital from SD to SF and one or 2 interviews, but never hired.   Ive also applied to warehouses, stockrooms, hotels, walmart, starbucks, autozone, target, ...well, you get the idea...I wasn't picky anymore because unemployment only pays 277 a week, thank god my parents had a place for me or Ide be at a homeless shelter or couch surfing at friends places...anyways   Ive been turning in literally hundreds of resumes over the last year, and then, a few months ago I figured Ide start applying out of state...nevada..arizona, etc   AND I got an offer! I got a job FINALLY! I'm so happy! Being unemployed for so long is awful! Ive had a job since I was 15 years old, and have never been unemployed so long. And the worst part of it was when Ide hear people say thing like ..."oh, the long-term unemployed are lazy, or not trying, or enjoying their "free" money....well fuck those people. Ive always paid taxes, Iv always worked, I fucking paid for my unemployment. And I desperately wanted to work, i would of done almost anything for a job.  Anyways, Im getting off my subject, All I really wanted to say was I got a JOB and am super crazy happy about it and wanted to let everyone know!   Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy    Cool

and oh yeah, my job is working at a hotel at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. And, I dont have to pay rent or utilities, they have housing there for employees that has a small fee of 16 dollars a week, so Its a perfect set-up for me to be able to pay-off past due bills and save up some cash. Its full time, year round, with full benefits too. And I get to live at the Grand Canyon, ha Very Happy

There is a downside though, Im a native californian, and never really been anywhere else, so Im leaving all my family and friends....however, I will be back 2 days every month because i still need to go to my orthodontist apointment out here. And I hope to get to go hiking n climbing with some of you when I come out. I also will keep applying to So-Cal jobs because I want to be in cali if possible. Maybe when the jobs/economy gets better I can get back out here, Im hoping within a year ...or less.. Smile

so what you're saying is, you're inviting us to crash at your place for a R2R2R??  Wink


Congrats!  Whenerya gonna start?


How to find a job, no troll:

Resumes make Tree-hugging Jesus cry.

Re: Got a job

everyday wrote:
 OK, so I got laid-off from the oil company I was working for way back in April 2009, ... I got a job FINALLY!

I was in a similar boat and know how happy you are now...

Congrats... Things well get better!

Best wishes

so what you're saying is, you're inviting us to crash at your place for a R2R2R??  Wink


Pretty much. Or for Zoroaster Temple or whatever the hell that cool looking route is called.

Ryan you can come visit me anytime you want to  Cool    
Ze-i dunno, i dont know you...
Jim- not for another month or so

I dunno, I've got a big rack. Laughing

And Im off to tha big-ass canyon! Ima leave at 6am, hopefully i can hike around tomorrow after orientation. I will post pics if there happens to be anything interesting to see out there!  Cool

Cool!  Stay safe and best of luck!!

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