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Uncle Rico

Giants of the ANF

So there's a couple of guys who I generally regard as giants of the SLP. Guys like Mickey McTigue, Craig Carey, David Stillman come immediately to mind. There's other guys that probably fall into that same category--guys like Jack Elliot, the Los Padres Expat, our own Bardley, and others who I'm probably missing that are deserving of inclusion in that group--but it got me to thinking: who are the guys/gals that are generally regarded as giants of the ANF? Who are the folks that not only know ever nook and cranny of the ANF, but also know a shitload of it's recent and past history as well? Of course there's Robinson, but I'm wondering about more contemporary folks. I can think of a couple of posters here that I'd personally put in that category, but I'm interested in what y'all think. If the folks you mention have websites and/or have published stuff, it'd great if you could post a link.

I know you're looking for modern day John Robinson's, but before I offer my modern day picks, I hope you'll first humor this here geezer's history picks; a geezer with bad feet and bum heart, who rarely hits the trails anymore, but "hikes" instead vicariously through all the amazing trip reports and other discussions on this site.

A name I rarely see mentioned anymore, but who was huge in the San Gabriel Mountains community (as well as other mountain ranges and obscure desert peaks of California) until his death in 1997, was Walt Wheelock.  His La Siesta Press published at least five of John Robinson's more obscure books that I'm aware of — four of which dealt directly w/the San Gabriels — and he published his own 1973 guidebook (by today's standards more like a chapbook) Southern California Peaks (pictured below).

I trust that Charles Francis Saunders is also a name that's as revered here as John Robinson's?

I learned a lot about off-the-beaten-path options in the San Gabriels from Christopher E. Brennen as well.

Modern Day San Gabriel Mtns. icons?  

The regular trip reporting posters of this site seem like the obvious picks for me!

Ze and the guys from socalhikes and the posters that leave trip reports regularly for sure.

When I first saw the title of the thread I was thinking giant trees of the ANF.  Sorry but I can't currently think of any giant person of the ANF.  I'm sure there's many but I draw a blank right now.

Davon Gray - stone mason/local historian
Pete Olsen - Owner Mt Baldy.

Don't know if this qualifies as "giant" but there is an interesting read in a book Up and Down California Journal of  William H. Brewer Prof. of Agriculture Sheffield Scientific School. Covers a period of 1860-1864. The first 30 some pages give a description of the San Gabriel Mountains.
Uncle Rico

Thanks for the input guys. I was not familiar with Walt Wheelock EnriqueFreeque. Now I'm going to have to hunt down his Southern California Peaks.

tkane, do you know whether Davon Gray published anything?

Appreciate the reference rpmiller. I'll see if I can find Up and Down California.

hiiker, very helpful  Laughing

The SG Valley tribune named the next John Robinson...

"If the online hiking world had a guru, it would be Casey Schreiner....."

No comment.

Uncle Rico wrote:

tkane, do you know whether Davon Gray published anything?

Until tkane or someone else chimes in, I think nothing public for the masses.
Ive only seen his sketches of mine schematics on Hugh Blanchard's site. But I do recall something that he was in a spelunker/caving group and there may have been a collection of beta. I dont think there was anything written in the style of John Robinson even then. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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