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Ghost Mountain Anza Borrego

last month I tried to take the lady & the baby camping in Blair valley in Anza Borrego state park. the car full of camping stuff blew its transmission, and the car sat in Ramona California an hour away from where I live for a week or so. When we went to pick up the car from the shop We decided to make a day out of it and head to the desert for a quick day hike.

the road down Blair valley was in good shape, and there were a few RV's camped out. the trail up to the marshal south home was well worn and had great views the whole way.

once we reached the homestead ruins the wind started to pick up a little so we followed the use trails on the more protected south side of the mountain because the wind from the north was howling.

the trail was easy going only 2 miles or so for the best panoramic views I have had in a while


Great photos!  You and Hikin Jim bring extra passengers along, that's a win-win.

I've started callings kid "walkin will" as my shameless spinoff of the hiking Jim/Joyce combo.

He is a good hiking companion because it give me someone to talk/sing to and not be that weird guy singing to himself on the trail. As he grows his pack is getting heavier and heavier I don't know how Jim does these overnight trips with Joyce... He must have some Sherpa blood in him or somthing.

scottawr wrote:
and not be that weird guy singing to himself on the trail.

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