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I recently stopped using hydration reservoirs on a regular basis due to the difficulty in cleaning them. Unfortunately, I found that when I did not use a reservoir, I was drinking less water. I also found it annoying to carry several bottles when I needed to carry a large amount of water. With some recent battles with cramping, I decided that I should find a reversible hydration reservoir, which I believed, would make cleaning, drying and staying hydrated much easier. In my search to find one, I ran across a company that I had never heard of: GEIGERRIG.

Here are some photos of their gear, as well as a link to my full review:
 Gear Review: Geigerrig Hydration Pack Engine (reservoir), RIG 710 Backpack, Virus Filter, and Nano Tube



Where is the air input? I don't see the pump in the photos or am I just missing it?
Granted I hardly ever filter, I know some of the complaints about them are often the reliability. Unfortunate fact of life is that most pieces of gear will fail when you are furthest from repair or replacement.

We're using regular Platypus bags, but to reduce the headache of trying to get them dry, we got a cheap fishtank pump along with some tubing and tees.  After sticking the tubes down in the bags and leaving on overnight, they're usually dry.   Then the tubes can be stuck in the hoses for an additional while to get them good and dry.

Actually I'm pretty bad about cleaning my Camelback reservoirs. I run some bleach through them a couple times a year and that works for me. They only get water, never any Gatorade or anything like that inside. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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