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Gear Giveaway - Farm to Feet Merino Wool Socks

Prior to this year, I had never used merino wool. The cost was prohibitive and since I was essentially 'just' a dayhiker, I didn't see the need for it.

This past year, I took my first multi-night backpacking trip and also had the opportunity to review some merino products from several companies. It was an eye opener. The anti-microbial (anti stink) properties of merino are amazing and in my opinion, extremely helpful on multi-night trips.

If you've never tried merino wool, or would like to add some socks to your collection, here's your chance.

If you like the content of my blog or Farm to Feet (100% U.S. materials and manufacturing), please like our facebook pages (not necessary to enter the giveaway).

  Gear Giveaway - Farm to Feet Merino Wool Socks

The last giveaway will be next week. The winner gets a gift certificate for a pair of Oboz boots. Forum Index -> The Pub
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