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Gas Stoves and Cold Weather

I've written a couple of articles for Seattle Backpacker's Magazine on gas stoves and cold weather if anyone is interested:
Upright Canister Stoves (for moderate cold)
Remote Canister Stoves (for near zero weather).


That's pretty good stuff HJ. Useful info for when your beans are cold.

ok, jim. im sure this will be a stupid question....but every time ive gone camping, even way up in desolation wilderness in nor-cal where wood is scarce, ...ive always just built a fire to cook dinner n breakfast n heat coffee.  whats with all the stoves?
I think trying to make a fire on your own is the whole fun part of cookin in the wild. ....sure, its a lot of work too, to be sure its out and cooled and the pit is dug up after to be sure no hot coals will burn the forrest down...but still, thats the fun of it..IMO.. (the fun being sure its out, not burning forrest, ha, wanted to make sure that was clear, lol)

Never hurts.  Smile

A lot of people don't understand what their options are when it comes to stoves in general or gas in particular.  It's pretty nice to have the option of using a gas stove in a tent in bad weather where it would be not fun to try it with a liquid fueled stove.  With a few tricks, you can use a gas stove in all but the coldest weather.

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