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WHO owns one here? I have one, brand new, sooo.... How do I make it put the trails I ran onto the computer?   I am having difficulty figuring it out, the Garmin sight doesnt explain it in my language, which is English....not computer   ...I got on thier website, signed up, plugged the garmin into my PC after my run.....and thats it.. nothing. It needs to load, like pics do, why wont it do that? Its asking for a code thats on the back, theres nothing on the back though, its totally smooth n blank, No code.  Confused


I do not own a 401 but have several GARMIN units I use on GARMIN CONNECT

Never had to enter my serial number

Are you sure the unit is communicating with the computer? It should appear as a USB drive in "My Computer"

You have to have the Garmin USB driver installed, if I remember correctly Garmin Connect installs another driver for the browser

Ain't nothing gonna happen without this installed

ok, I T think I have it figured out now, ima try it again after my run today, thanx  Very Happy Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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