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Galena Peak \ Mill Creek JumpOff

It's out of the area this forum is focused on but a good winter snow climb just the same.

I was out near Vivian Creek TH in San Bernardino NF for a meetup climb of Galena Peak 12/8/13. I only went up through the head wall since I had time constraints and the climb started even later than it was scheduled. Conditions were pretty good about 6-12" of fluff in the drainage and the creek is staring to freeze up, though not solid until pretty far up. The snow isn't deep enough yet to provide a base for snowshoes so just like any drainage it's a little tough on the ankles and feet by the end of the day though not too bad. The head wall itself had about 4-6" of firm snow and rime good for crampons, careful of thin spots over rocks. Clearly not enough to ski. It kept everything in place and made for a quick climb up to the ridge. I can't speak to conditions up the ridge since I turned around at the top of the head wall but it looked like a light covering ~6-10".  Everything was melting pretty quick despite the colder temps things were noticeably melted out and a good bit of water moving in the creek on the retreat back down the drainage.  For anyone interested here's a full gps track from a trip up Galena peak that I recorded early this year.

I plan to go back in the next month or so for a full trip but will wait until another dusting hits the area.

Thanks for the report. This is a great climb assuming the headwall is in decent condition. To your comment, this forum encompasses a lot more of southern California than the San Gabriels.

Thanks Augie, that's great to hear. And nice to meet you virtually at least. I feel like I've been following you around for a long time now (hopefully that's not creepy) Confused with your prolific contributions on SummitPost and other SoCal resources.

Thanks for the kind words.  Look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon.

Cool.  Galena is definitely on my "to do" list.

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