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G2 wildlife photography exhibit

There will be a reception this Saturday evening.  Proceeds go toward funding a wildlife overpass at the Liberty Canyon corridor.  The exhibit features some of our 'camera trap' photos, as well as other hand-held photos from distinguished photographers in LA.  Denis and I will be at the reception, as will many close friends and fellow eispiraten.  Would love to see you there, but know that the exhibit runs through mid June so you can see the photos any time.


Cool. Hope you have a big turnout and a successful exhibit.

G2 Gallery

Johanna - It was so nice to be able to meet you after admiring your pictures all of these years.  The event was well attended with the gallery being packed.  I was encouraged that someone from Caltrans was present. Let's get that wildlife crossing built!!
Mike P

Hey Johanna, your exhibit was wonderful! I'm sorry my wife and I didn't get to visit. We didn't see you around your photos...

Thanks you guys.  I have had a hell of a week  - after the exhibit I got a bad cold, my supervisor had a siezure and I had to take over for her, and my old dog got pancreatitis.  

All that aside, the gallery opening was fun and it was great too meet RichardK and his wife!!

Will catch up soon when my dramatic life settles down!

Ugh @ pancreatitis. Been there with our first dog. Hope the pooch comes through! Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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