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Fuel Price Survey Results

I have conducted my own survey of fuel prices. I thought people might find the results interesting.

I don't list a lot of stores for alcohol and kerosene for the simple reason that every Tom, Dick, and Harry hardware, paint, and building supply store carries them. To try to list every possible source would require an army of data gatherers that I simply don't have. I have listed some popular low cost sources such as that renowned outdoor supplier, Home Depot. Wink

Fuel Price Survey Results (as of Dec 2011)

Please let me know if this is useful.


Mike P

Yes, very useful... thanks Hikin Jim!

My pleasure.  I've actually been doing this on a notepad for a couple of years.  Whenever I stop in an outdoors type store, I note down the prices.  I stop by from time to time anyway, so why not.  I just decided to blog it this time.  

No sense paying more than you need to!

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