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Free Invasive Plants Guide

Nature at Hand has a FREE weed identification guide for invasive plants of the San Gabriel Mountains that can be downloaded.

Some of those weeds are quite common.  Some are also cultivated and widely planted in So Cal., e.g., African Daisy, fig trees and eucalyptus.

With he exception of one of the thistle variations, I am pretty sure I've seen all of them at one time or another, especially in the foothills while working on various debris basins, typically located where homes are located along forrest boundaries.

Invasive plants

I spent Earth Day of last year pulling Madagascar Periwinkles out of a state park. Then, I noticed Home Depot selling them in pots. Sometimes you can't win.

I've received my share of dirty looks as I casually rip out mustard, castor bean, or spanish broom along the trail. People look at my like I'm a deranged vandal. Oh well. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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