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Four Dudes vs. Fog

Sunday night 03/26/17 at 8:24pm Altadena Mountain Rescue Team was activated for the search of four hikers lost in the mountains above Altadena. The hikers reportedly were on the Mt Lowe Truck Trail in the Angeles National Forest. The hikers were able to send photographs of trail signs to the rescue team and they were able to quickly deduce the hikers location.  Rescue team members drove to the Mt Lowe Truck Trail and Sam Merrill Trail, (five points) and located four hikers 20 y/o, 22 y/o, 22 y/o and 24 y/o males all residing in Los Angeles.  The hikers parked their vehicle at Eaton Saddle off Red Box Road at 2:00 pm, and at approximately 4:00pm fog rolled in and the hikers became disoriented.  The hikers were not injured and were driven to the Altadena Sheriff's Station awaiting a ride to their vehicle. This incident concluded at 11:00pm

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