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Forum Ownership Change Request

I hereby publicly request that ownership of this forum, San Gabriel Mountains Discussion Forum, be transferred to me.

The current owner, Travis, created the forum in 2007. His last login was in 2010. He moved out of California and lost interest in maintaining this forum, which is devoted primarily to a mountain range in California. Taco was head admin after Travis left, but Travis did not transfer ownership to him through My Free Forum support. Now, Taco also wishes to step down from active administration, which leaves our forum without an active owner or head admin.

After talking things over with my fellow admins, Hikin_Jim and Dima, we agree that I should pursue ownership in order to gain access to the owner control panel and make some improvements to the forum. We also need to establish an owner-based relationship with MYFF support.

Over the last week or so I've managed to contact Travis. He has agreed to transfer ownership to me and has said so to MYFF admin via email. But he may not be able to satisfy their need to verify his forum account information. He no longer uses the email linked to his account here, and he cannot remember his old password. Thus, I believe my last resort is this public appeal to gain ownership of an essentially abandoned forum.

I will notify both MYFF admin and Travis of this post. Feel free to comment or ask questions. I'll answer what I can.

Edit: Here is a link to the related thread I created at the MYFF support forum.
Mike P

Thanks, Sean! Absolutely... please take over the forum! You're doing a great job, just as Travis and Taco had done before you.


I'm happy that someone wants to keep the place running. Go for it!

got my vote. I dont come much but Im glad its here for the info I might need and Im glad someone has the time and interest in running the site. thanks

It'll be in very good hands...thanks for doing it, Sean (and Jim and Dima and all who contribute)! (And thanks to Taco and Travis for their efforts!) One of my favorite Websites!

Uncle Rico

Cucamonga Man for President (and forum owner)!

Trump's busy so I vote for Sean!

And another vote for Sean.

I vote for Sean also  Smile

I am also happy to contribute $ for web hosting fees.

Go for it Sean and thanks for your efforts here.


I'm happy to report that this effort was a success! MYFF admin has granted me access to the forum owner's control panel.

I want to thank Travis, Taco, Hikin_Jim, and Dima, and everyone on this thread who supported me and helped convince MYFF to make this change happen. I'm finally relieved to know that control of this forum is in its active users' hands.

We have assurances that MYFF was purchased by another company, and that it is now here to stay. Whether the forum will remain a free service or change substantially has not been clarified yet. So, we do not need to leave MYFF at this time. But at least that is a real option for us now.

I also want to thank Tekewin for donating to the MYFF campaign, which I believe entitles us to a forum export file if we ever do decide to move to another site.

Again, thank you all! Happy hiking, and keep posting those trip reports!

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