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forgot something for hiking

Sad, I have heard many stories of some telling their tales that they forgot something for a trip. I alway thought that would never happen to me because I always double check everything.
 This morning I got ready early so I would not disturb the wife. Made a map for her so she would know where I was going, she worries.  Put the pack in the truck and cinched up the boots, I was ready to hike up Smith Mountain. Hit the trail and after a mile I had to retighten  my boot, stuff happens. Now a mile latter I had to do the left foot again. Looking down at my boots this is what I saw.

I will never doubt that things do happen. So after double checking everything check your boots!

Just thought I would share and the hike up Smith Mountain was a CRUNCH!

Thanks for sharing.  That is funny.  

They are a similar color and if they felt similar without too much noticeable height difference one probably wouldn't notice when in a hurry to put them on.

Hope you had a real nice hike.    


Oops  Laughing

Great hike for me, first time up Smith. The older one needed more lugs on it coming down from Smith but no major slips. Smile
Phil B

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