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First time in Yosemite

Hello everyone, next month I will be in Yosemite for 5 days and would really like to know everyones favorite hikes there. I had planned on going with my girl, but she isn't feeling well and has somethings so I am pretty much free after I leave here. So it is a few ays of doing nothing but stuff I want.

I guess I will only have 3 full days of hiking as I drive up and down there and because I am staying in the housekeeping cabins, I'll need a lot to do. I am not as strong or experienced as some of you, but I have been to the top of a lot of mountains and can handle a lot. I just don't know what is worth seeing. Or doing.

Any suggestions are welcome and I can narrow it down on mileage and elevation to see what I really want to do.

Thanks in advance

Classic loop hike - Panorama Trail from valley floor to Glacier Point and return via the Four Mile Trail.
Uncle Rico

The JMT to Cathedral Lakes from Tuolumne Meadows is super nice. Only 7-8 miles RT with maybe 1000 feet of gain. You can easily hit both lakes in an afternoon or lounge around out there the entire day. Scores high for scenic values and general awesomeness.

Mirror Lake loop is arright. Flat and easy but with some cool views.

Hiking along the base of El Cap is rad, just don't get hit by falling objects.

Remember, you can drink beer and walk around there, cause it's freedomville USA.

Wow all you had to do was to mention beer Taco  Laughing

I have a lot of experience in the eastern Sierra Nevada so I think I'll fit right in. However I thought to ask the user here because I don't want to be caught in the middle of a bunch of tourists. Kills the buzz you know.

Thanks for the tips


There is always Half Dome, although I don't know what the permit situation is like this time of year. Clouds Rest from the Tenaya Lake trailhead is a beautiful hike. There is a large pond about the mid point of the trail that is reliable for water.

Your first time in Yosemite Valley?  Try the Yosemite Falls trail - about 3.5 miles/3000 ft to the top of the falls (yep, LOTS of gain!).  Its popular, though not as popular as Half Dome, so get an early start and you'll avoid the crowds going up it.

Yeah Yosemite falls looks great. There are a few in the valley I think I can do the first day, or at least try.

Has anyone been up to Dana peak? I like that it is the most accessible 13000er, or so I read. But how is the hike up there? Looks killer. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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