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Cy Kaicener

First Forum specifically for the San Gabriel Mountains

We really needed a forum specifically devoted to the San Gabriels. Thanks! Very Happy

I agree Cy. There are a couple of other message boards that i've viewed from time to time, but never posted on. In my opinion they are being dominated by a select few who seem to think everybody is interested in their never ending debates. Unfortunately I've noticed that one of the worst offenders has already joined this forum. One of his threads was deleted from a first board by the board moderator, he went to the second board and started it up again, and is still getting some sort of kick out of debating back and forth with another person (both of whom could have continued their self serving debate via personal messages or e-mails, allowing the thread on the first board to still exist) and they both admit they don't know the answer to the original question that was asked.

Sure, one can choose to ignore threads and posts, but when an entire thread is deleted by a moderator on one board, and is restarted by the same offender on another board, it becomes clear that most people do not want to weed through these "I'M SMARTER THAN YOU AND I WILL GET THE LAST WORD, AND EVERYBODY WANTS TO HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY" kind of posters to get to useful information.

One can choose to delete, delete, delete these offender's posts, or they can choose to discipline themselves to not respond to each and every post, especially when they admit in the end that they don't know the answer and are going round and round. (In my opinion to hear themselves talk).

I hope this board realizes the disciplined posters get more respect and are more valuable posters.

I pray they don't infect this board. The San Gabriels are my backyard, I spend a lot of time in them and derive a lot of enjoyment from them.

Re: First Forum specifically for the San Gabriel Mountains

Cy Kaicener wrote:
We really needed a forum specifically devoted to the San Gabriels. Thanks! Very Happy

thanks for your comment, I am looking forward to your contribution to thie forum.


We all go into the mountains to get away from "civilization", traffic, loud noises that aren't rockfall or weather related, and people in large groups, unless they're your friends. Peace, basically. Let's keep the peace (but keep talking about useful stuff!)

One thing I personally hope for is more obscure stuff, things you don't hear about on other sites that are specific to our backyard here.

nice job, and thanks for starting it Travis.

The amount of info about the San Gabriels has jumped through the roof in the past 10 years and this is a healthy addition...

cool site
cool people
thank you

thank you all very much. This forum is only as good as its members, and it looks like we are off to a GREAT start,

mark b

Thanks for putting this board together. I'm really excited about getting info on SG hikes. I seriously need a change of scenery. And thanks to Kathy for spreading the word.

Thanks for starting this site!

I am particularly interested in the current conditions and trip reports.

Looking forward to using and contributing!!

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