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First Baldy

First trip up Baldy on the 3rd!  Up the Ski Hut trail, down Devil's Backbone, beer & nachos at the Notch, down the ski lift.  All good, at least as viewed after a long sleep and a 4th of July parade.
Uncle Rico

Nice! Congrats.

You need a new screen name now.  Cool

Well done! Baldy is big.

Re: First Baldy

The first time on Baldy's summit is always special.  I'm sure that it will be the first of many for you. Congratulations!

Congrats on your first trip up Baldy!

some great mixed clouds and views the 3rd, and not too bad crowd-wise for the holiday (incl with the 3-day event @ the notch)

c ya out there,
kind regards,

Thanks for the welcomes to the club!
Uncle Rico wrote:
You need a new screen name now.  Cool

Most_Improved_Hiker ?   Very Happy  

(Nah, I'm fine to stick with SH.  Reminds me where I came from!) Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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