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Exploration in the OC

there is a small relatively unknown canyon and waterfall on the way to the super popular holy Jim trail. This canyon is named Falls Canyon and has a decently cleared trail for about a 1/4 mile to the first waterfall is a 35ft beauty, this had been my stopping point for the last 2 years.

I had heard rumors of 3 more waterfalls farther up in the canyon and wanted to check them out. I found a steep loose use trail up the canyon wall leading to the upper canyon. from above the falls I yelled to my companions that I was going to explore for 15 min up there.

first I started to explore the dry fork of the upper canyon this fork was visible from the use trail into the upper canyon. 4 dry waterfalls each 10-12ft with a coiled up mess of black tubes at the bottom of the lowest falls. this fork is probably dry most of the year only having water a few days after heavy rain.

Next I started to explore the canyon proper where there was still a stream flowing. slowly more trash and tangled black tubes revealed this canyon had more than waterfalls in it. the trash and tubes looked weather worn and bleached so I continued looking for this upper falls. soon I came to a small cascade I assumed was the upper falls but I continued on the use trail curious. about 30yds up from that cascade was a serene 15-20ft falls with a rope going up past that falls.

Again my curiosity got the best of me and I went past this falls looking for more. upon further inspection I found some more black tubes, but these looked fresh and someone had made an attempt to hide them with brush and leaves. I turn around at about this time when I found a clif bar wrapper that had not been there long, I figured waterfalls were not the only thing in this canyon and turning back would be best.

Pics -

Maybe you discovered a grow operation.  Nice photos, but every other one was loaded with poison oak.  I am recovering from some right now, forgot how unpleasant the experience is.

the trail is fairly clear of poison oak... but its all around you at all times. the upper canyon had more but avoiding it was easy.

I doubt I found an active "cartel" grow site. my theory is some OC kids figured out how to grow cheap pot. but they probably haven't been back in a while. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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