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Uncle Rico

Esme Canyon Tunnel Access Path

I think this trail has been discussed previously, but I didn't have any context (i.e., I hadn't been there) so it didn't resonate. But, can someone tell me where the unmarked trail at 34.198858, -118.082425 between Henninger Flats and the Idlehour Trail lead to. It's more than a use trail because it looks like its had work done on it, but I don't see it on any maps. Is this the secret passage into upper Eaton Canyon?

Approximate location here:,-118.08242&z=17&b=f
Uncle Rico

Here's a sub-optimal phone pic of the trail I'm talking about.


Often wondered myself

I just saw this thing on a recent bike ride and wondered where it went myself. I thought I saw a check dam or something down in the drainage.

It's definitely not the "telephone" trail. That one is an old road extending from the spur seen around 34.1979, -188.08881 on your map.


I think thats the Esme water tunnel access path from the MtWilson toll road. It ends kind of a short distance later, less than 100ft below the Idlehour trail@the real Esme canyon. Albeit thats a grungy steep 100ft so a casual person would need to return the same way they came. I say the real Esme canyon, because people take the Idlehour trail and pass by the small bridge and think Esme. Actually that small bridge drainage is a tributary to Esme.


AW is correct. Just a short spur trail to the tunnels - pics at AW's link to our report from years ago.
Uncle Rico

Thanks for solving the mystery guys.

That is the trail to the water tunnel(s) that supplies water to Henninger Flats.  Apparently it's dry now though.

Not much too it.

Uncle Rico

Damn, what don't you guys know? Glad to have y'all as a resource.  Cool Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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