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ESBIT: Simmering and Ultralight Baking

While ESBIT is generally recognized as the lightest backpacking cooking option, it's not exactly known for flame control.

I've been testing an ESBIT stove, the Epicurean Ti, that not only can be used for simmering but also for low, steady heat applications like ultralight baking.

I've found the Epicurean Ti to be a really easy to use ESBIT stove that simmers well without any trouble.

If you're interested in having a few flame options other than just "high" or you find the idea of ultralight baking intriguing, check out the Epicurean Ti ESBIT stove.


Another great review Jim!  I've been meaning to make the move to Esbit actually to save more weight on my cook kit.  Might have to look at this but since I mainly boil water when I backpack, I was thinking of just making something similar to the gram cracker

Hopefully I can make one before my first ever Baldy trip on the 27th Very Happy

Hi, Angus,

The Gram Cracker is a good stove, but you can do reasonably well with a square of aluminum foil doubled over.  Just take the square of foil, fold it in half so that it becomes a rectangle, put the ESBIT on top, and light.  Not the most efficient (a Gram Cracker will be more efficient), but absolutely UL.

Whether with the Gram Cracker or a folded square of foil, you'll need a windscreen and a pot stand of course.  A windscreen is pretty much mandatory with ESBIT if there's even the slightest puff of breeze.

The #1 most efficient set up I've seen is the Caldera Cone from Trail Designs with a Gram Cracker.  The cone serves as both windscreen and pot support and is pretty light.  They also sell a titanium version of the Cone called the Ti-Tri which can be used with wood in adition to ESBIT or alcohol.  The Ti version in particular is not cheap.  It's good, but it's not cheap.

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