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Ephemeral Waterfalls of San Gabriel Canyon

While driving to Crystal Lake I took notice of a few ephemeral waterfalls that have come forth after all these storms of late. I have no idea whether someone has named them already. And they reside in minor gullies. So I'll refer to them by nearby landmarks. Feel free to contribute any others that you've noticed lately. I'd love to see pictures of them.

[Edit: Taco's names in parentheses]

First Bridge Falls (Cactus Slot)

This one is on the west wall near the first bridge that crosses the river after Encanto.

Morris Dam Falls (Morris Canyon)

On the east wall in front of Morris Dam.

San Gabriel Dam Falls #1 (Steele Taco)

Mid-way up a minor gully before San Gabriel Dam. Couldn't get a great zoomed shot of this one with my point-and-shoot. Below is a wide-angle to show relationship to the dam. The white spot in the middle is the waterfall.

San Gabriel Dam Falls #2

Part of the same courseway as #1 but located at the bottom, where it meets the main canyon in front of the dam. The top of this waterfall has been leveled to make a road.

North Fork Falls (Poison)

Along the west wall as you begin up the North Fork, immediately after the West Fork parking lot. There are at least two tiers on this one, but I didn't have time to scramble up to the top one.


Good observations...a lot of people drive right past them.
Taco Tr...hes been to pretty much all of em.

The first ones at the bottom of the highway .... They are better viewed afar than up close...however the one you showed has a unique area to it. IMO.

If the San Gabriel #2 is flowing, pretty much all the waterfalls in the area are activated. Its going to be a good waterfall day.


I like North Fork falls the best!

Sorry I was tired and didn't say the right things, but this is Steele Taco:

Has a 200ft or so wall you rapp down on it with not-so-great anchors at the moment. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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