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Entry and parking fees

Golden Passes, versus yearly passes, versus Adventure Passes, versus State Park Passes - does anyone know the rules about if the husband/wife has to be in the car when they are used? I read online some of the rules but it does not get real specific in regards to whether or not the actual purchaser has to be in the car for the pass to be valid, but it did mention two signatures on the back, so I'm assuming that if your spouse if 62 years of age and you are in possession of the pass you can legally use it if you are one of the signers on the back? or am I wrong. Furthermore, can this annual pass be used to supplement the Adventure Pass required to park at trail heads in the five southern Cal national forest that require that pass as well? Trying to figure out if I should get one of those from now on instead of paying the $25 for the Adventure Pass each year as I get the feeling it will give me more access to more places, thanks in advance for you answers Smile

You can use the Interagency Pass in lieu of the Adventure Pass. It's a much better deal since the one pass is valid for entry to National Forests/Parks/etc. It also has some added discounts depending on the facility, if it's a Golden Eagle pass etc.

There is no record of the purchaser of the pass, either signature on the back is valid with ID.

Edit: Not valid for State Parks obviously. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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