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Eastern SGs: Bullock Spur 1N36 1/2/17

Got to about elevation 4300(tops out at 1N34 at around 4500ft)  before 10ft visibility and so I turned around.Bullock Spur is a forest service road thats been neglected since the Grand Prix fire of 2003. Its in a state of restore now or its hopeless.

Realistically, it seems hopeless at least because of the entrance back down in Fontana on Foxborough drive. Its a city owned street, but there is no stopping signs and its also gated by Hunters Ridge. The pedestrian access was also conveniently locked(probably permanently). Supposedly, the car gate opens automatically and there is some parking on Reservoir road.

I went up a nearby firebreak that joins Bullock Spur. Locals have pushed a trail of various overgrowness to within 200ft of a prominent top along its ridge. However the last 400 or so feet of the firebreak is super-steep so even if it were cleared it wouldnt be used. Earlier than the summit attempt, there is a very viable cross country route across to Bullock Spur's water tank if it were established. Anyways, I pushed through the last 200ft and then descended about 100ft down to Bullock Spur. On the way back, I took Bullock Spur all the way down.

On the firebreak...

On Bullock Spur...the 180 city view so common to IE ridges. The firebreak is on the left.

Telephone poles all the way up...

Usually its clear footing while buckthorn ends brush by, but there are some clearer segments....and sometimes a stubborn few yards of buckthorn too.

Pasture at 4100 elev

San Sevaine back down at the beginning of Bullock Spur. Decent water out of the canyon, not so much the eastern fork where 1N36 goes.
David R

I used that route about 5 years ago to hike San Sevaine and Buck Point. I was able to park right outside the gate but the pedestrian entry was locked and I hopped the fence early in the morning to get over. The old road was overgrown on the last mile and a half to the ridge and the main fireroad. The lower section was frequented by the locals pretty regularly it seemed and wasn't as overgrown. On the way out I was getting ready to have to hop the fence in the middle of the day but a car came by and I mosied out the gate with them. No one said anything to me as I walked through the neighborhood.

Interesting. What would the approximate stats be for this route to San Sevaine?

Sean wrote:
Interesting. What would the approximate stats be for this route to San Sevaine?

3600 ft over 6 miles.... 500ft more than than San Sevaine 1N34 and 1 mile less. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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