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East Ord Mountian (Mojave desert)

Has anyone here ever hiked up to the top of East Ord Mountian in the Mojave desert   Very Happy (it's near Johnson Valley Ohv area 30 miles east of Victorville). I am interested in doing this hike after seeing it on Sunday when I went to the ohv area. It's 6168 feet high in the middle of the desert. I really enjoy the desert terrain and would like to try hiking out there now that the weather is cooling down. I think it will be really cool to see the San Gabriel Mountians and the San Bernardinos from a desert peak. Anyways, if anyone has any info it would be greatly appereciated.
Here's the Summit Post page for it:

That's about an hour's drive from where I go shooting.  Looks like fun.  I gather you do your own routefinding up the mountain?

It's pretty far from the San Gabriel Mountains, and you wouldn't see much unless it was a very clear day:


I've been out to East Ord Mountain.  It's a nice hike up to the summit.  Here are some pics and a map from my hike:

I haven't been climbing as many desert peaks lately.  Hopefully, I'll get up a few more this winter sometime.

Cool photos, Kathy.  What are the snow capped mtns in the distance?  The San Bernardinos?

KathyW wrote:
I've been out to East Ord Mountain.  It's a nice hike up to the summit.  Here are some pics and a map from my hike:

Thanks for the map and nice pics. I plan to go to the top next time I go to Johnson Valley.........

Brian:  If you send me an email, I'll send you more detailed directions if you want.  They are in PDF format, so it's easiest to attach them to an email.

Also, you might want to look at climbing Ord Mountain too - I think that it is higher than East Ord and it is one of the peaks in California with over 2000 feet of prominence.  I don't know why East Ord is on the DPS list and not Ord.   I just climbed East Ord, so I'll be headed back to do Ord sometime.

Prominence List:

The nice thing about the peaks with a good amount of prominence is that there is usually a good view from the top.

That picture in the previous post is of the mountains north of the 15 - San Gabriels, but here are the mountains south of 15 from E. Ord (San Gorgonio, et al):



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