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Earthquakes vs. rain = rocks

I noticed a large amount of rocks on Mt. Lowe rd yesterday. I assumed it was the rain a couple weeks ago. Then I remembered out "A" ticket  Earthquake the day before. Has anyone ever been in the mountains during an Earthquake? In an Earthquake I would not want to be in the mountains, or an aisle of home depot.

An earthquake in the mountains is different. I was in South Portal Canyon during a good one in the mid 80-'s; I think it was a 5 point something centered on the Whittier Narrows Fault.
What struck me was the sound. There is definitely a sound, but it is different than what one might experience in town. This quake was at night too so there was another effect: Birds. The quake shook all of them off their roosts and it took a while for them to settle down and find a place to sit. Birds flying around at night, slamming into things, make a pretty good racket.

Interesting. Things I never would of thought of. The birds. I remember the Whittier narrows Earthquake was 7:42 AM 1987, a couple weeks before the big stock market crash. The one you are referring to must of been one of the aftershocks. As I remember that was the start of more big ones through the mid-nineties.

Rock slide.....north slope Pine mtn, farthest west slide. Last year, let loose about 10:30 am while I was headed down Prarie Fork. I was on other side of valley maybe couple miles away......sounded like a sharp thunderclap followed by loud roar. I was gonna duck and cover, but then why get wimpy. That's about as close to an earthquake in da hills I want ta be! Thank you very much!


I was at Lupine over the weekend and the road down is covered with rock fall. Some big boulders and a couple of huge trees as well.

Sure hope they decide to hold off on clearing it for travel. Seems they only do it in advance of hunting season. That canyon is particularly vulnerable to a big fire.

And after seeing beer bottles in the fire rings and even a big garbage bag in one of the toilets, I'm not sure fire safety is on the minds of everyone who drives down there. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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