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Drought, Fire, and Stoves (How NOT to be on the 11:00 News)

We're having some really serious fire weather right now.  No matter where you go, I'd encourage you to skip wood fires.

But what about backpacking stoves?  I've written a article that looks at each class of backpacking stove and evaluates it from a fire safety perspective.  

Have a look if you have a chance:  Drought, Fire, and Stoves (How NOT to end up on the 11:00 News)


Thanks, Jim. Cool

Thanks HJ for addressing this topic. I've always had some questions about this issue.

Good to see your posts...hope all is well.

Been all right, but haven't done much hiking since moving down to the OC.   I was pretty spoiled living 10 minutes from Angeles National Forest all those years.

Wife and daughter are out of town right now, so doing more hiking -- and more posting.  Smile

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